Jul 14, 2007


If you have been checking my blog posts, I am sure you will realize most of my posts come with single word. Yup!! I just like it.

Today, Thursday, 12ndJuly 2007, is a busy day and sleepy one too.
After 8-10am MAF lecture, follow by 10-11.30am MIS lecture, at last we were finished!!
Well..actually I still can’t say finished.. as I still have to have discussion about my OHR assignment with my group as well…Thank God, after approximately 4 hours we have done almost all the part, leaving the LEADERSHIP part for tomorrow.

By the time we went home, it was 4something. I was driving home, as usual passed by the college hall and then I recalled that I haven’t donate blood… and so, LEFT TURN>>>>RIGHT TURN>>>College hall.

Hoho…this was physically the third time I got my blood donated.

The procedure of blood donation:

Check your weight. Only those with 45kg above would be permitted to donate.
Fill in the form of details.

Proceed to the doctors. The first would check your blood type and the second would check your blood pressure. Ask questions such as how many hous you have slept, or what kind of medicine you have taken, if any; if you have taken medicines that are not allowed to, you would not be permitted to donate.

Then, you would go to the registration counter with your blood donation booklet, if any. If you are encountering first time, they would issue you a booklet, of which you would need to bring it anytime, anywhere you want to donate blood.

Proceed to the next counter, whereby the nurses would give you the blood packet..(I am not sure what it is called.)

Then only you may officially lie down on the special seats and waiting to be served…This is how it would looks like after you are being”served”.

If you are not afraid of blood, have a look at the blood packet.where the blood would flow serenely into the new “house”, leaving your blood vessel.

After the blood packet is full, the nurse will help to discard your used gadget.Anyway, this packet is mine.
By the end of the whole procedure, the mark you would proud of it>>

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