Jul 30, 2007

A little girl performance

She's not my student...I just a replacement teacher for her lol...have been twice replacing for her...

Jul 29, 2007

Cheerful face

It has been two months I have been teaching in Setapak Music, which is located in Genting Klang.

As far As I remembered, the very first day of my piano lesson, i were given few students replacement classes for another teacher, despite of my own two students.

After two months, now the third month, again, i met with one of the students I met with on the very first day...

It is she...

Cute girl, i would say...

Neither a loser nor sucker in POsing...


Hate it man!!! stupid blogger!!
why delete my pictures!!!
now i have to redo everything!!!!


Banana punch-new flavour-new style-anyone wanna try?



Hitomi+ M5 + Vivian




Last but not least, Chieun + Stella+Hitomi+ Adam C
That's it...that's it!!!

Jul 23, 2007

Uncovering OO-Part II

This year is my 2nd year, AnD opportunely i managed to get 3tickets for OO 2007. Together, my friends and I headed for it. OO is much like TT, of which the aim is to search and allocate any talent, but OO search none of talent, just appearance, to be frank.*Ehem...Cough*

Personally i like F5 pretty lot but in the end, she ddi not win, just get herself a first runner up...HAIZ... She is simply so eye capturing on the stage compared to the POSTER itself.
Never mind..i got a Shot with her...(Self-compensating)

It was a tiring day...yet a enjoyable one...even better than TT night itself!! I was glad to be there on the night...for fear I would have miss so many nice things...

Have a look on the stage...One word: amazing!!so watery MAN!! with palace and sea water!!

Lighting not bad either. why so unfair!! TT we don't even have such cool lighting effect!! Internal budgeting??

Finalist Sketch~
As usual, shooting all around the stage, under the stage...
Meng Hao+Hitomi(bad shot~)
Shi Xin(Leng lui o)+Hitomi Samantha+Hitomi (Cool Effect!!)
After the end of Shotting and OO, we headed to BRJ and I had these...

It was so scary man...almost the TT committees and helpers went to BRJ in the dresses and formal wears...Gangsta~~
HOnestly...we did plan to go clubbing...proposed: a bar or club in Damansara. Switched to Maison, KL...By the time we reached there, it was 1am in the morning and Maison was charging damn expensive and the time only 1hour++ by the time we finished discussing...
In the end, FAILURE...never mind!!i will have next time!!

Uncovering OO-Part I

Let's pictures speak~~

Interruption: This is not finalist...Just casual shot...

Jul 22, 2007


Somehow I don't remember how many years I haven't been really exercising...not until 13th of July, of which my classmates were planning to play badminton during our break time.
Why not?? Then, there i be at the Sport COmplex of my college, along with my sporty skirt, and a t-shirt, last but not least, my racquet...( earnestly, I have not played badminton during my secondary life, that's all i can estimate. )

Early morning 8am, I have MAF tutorial till 10pm. Woke up at 6am, Drove from house at 7+am, reached destination at 7.30+am. Parked my car in front of the library car park, the emptiest I have actually seen, perhaps not, I have seen it at the TT night itself where the morning crawled in after 12am, still hanging around at college hall.
Choose wherever you like!!
Passed by the SBS...

See? T-shirt with Sport Skirt... Outside library, after being rejected by the library Guard, whom is a woman (Ish...lebih-lebih..don't even let me in for my discussion for OHR assignment...)

outside library at the moment...FULL!!that's it...nothing else...

After an hour of discussion (Study Room, not library), I headed for Sport Complex..Kinda blur where to go..In the end, I walked for few minutes for taking the wrong route...because i am not sure where the courts would be..
Court 3..in Sport COmplex

Swimming Pool...outside sport complex..Looks damn Cooling!! wanna jump in after 30minutes of playing...

Discover this when resting... The wall.. What's the function for such design??

I was totally SOAKED, as if I just jumped into the pool.. except it is SWEAT, which made me so STICKO..went to the LOO for some REFRESHMENT...

Still I have to change into formal dress, because the meeting for SWC..HAIZ>>


Gathering, Again??

hoho...This time who else is going overseas??

Sure got some, then what purpose it serves to have a gathering??
Aiyo...what else??
To gather gather lo... Chat Chat... Meet Meet...See how everybody's going on??
Anybody gets prettier? anybody pregnant? (Kidding...so far my classmates i heard none.Thank God)

This time is Yie Lyn, going to UK. She told me which University but i never hear of, but i recalled she said at Texas.. if i am not mistaken...

Venue: Oldtown resstaurant, Selayang Jaya
Time: After 5pm to 7pm?

Want to know who is the one to Texas soon? the girl in blue shirt. Smart Girl,a ex st-mary's prefect, a good debator, good english(envious...why am i so bad in it?), rich?, she is.
A picture with Eilyn, currently studying A level in a college at somewhere in Malaysia.

The single picture is Shee Ling, a maniac, as she used to be in class, always like to attack our privates. but now she is not, girlie a bit, because she has boy boy now...Haha..another one she took with another senior of St mary, but working in Oldtown to earn Pocket money...Hehe!!(me too...but not there.)

XinRu & Hitomi...Shee ling's classmate, just beside her...So she was the one who always being attacked?? Shhhh...She will be a doctor, in future, perhaps. Planning to go Russia to study Medic.

PO PO CHia...is her nick..a Prefect too. Just back from Australia, Sdyney, as far as i remembered. For holidays...Rich la...go there study foundation le...unlike some study foundation here..

The two girls...yup!girls. Shuk Ling(left), Beh Beh(right).Unexpectedly, Shuk ling smokes...HAIZZZZ..... Beh beh same college with me, TARC KL, Marketing Student.
The End~~

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