Jun 23, 2007

TT BoOthy-Part II

On TT boothy-part I, we had Karen in TARC. Guess what? Another celebrity??
Ya…you are definitely right about this. It is another newborn rock star.

For your information (FYI), the celebrity is a she. Since she’s new, that exactly explained why I don’t know her. Perhaps you do not know her either, right?

Her name is Serene but her album is I am NOT Serene.
Funny name??
There is reason for it. She admitted herself though.

Serene: The concept of the album is Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. Normally people will think that she is so tiny and fragile, and nobody will ever think she would be a rock singer.

To promote her new released album, I am NOT Serene, she sang us few songs.
The1#: Jane

The 2#: I am NOT Serene

The 3#:断翼蝴蝶

The 4#:对不起

She is great. You may not see her performance, hence you may not know why I say so.
The keyboard, do you see it? Well, she played and sang together. BRAVO!!!
She deserves admiration from me. Temporary though.

FYI: She was graduated in ICOM in Music and she has been involved in music industry for some time and wrote songs for singers and etc.

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