Jun 22, 2007

TT BOothy- Part I


our TT committees managed to get an artist to come over and get us HEATED UP at the canteen two foyer.

Not forgetting, tt committees were having boothy for that week for the freshies in 2007/2008 to redeem tt nite tickets.
(My comment over here: Don’t you ever miss it!! I DID LAST YEAR and I am not going to allow myself t miss it again!! Neither you should do, freshies. Even seniors like us are trying out utmost best to grab any tickets!!)

Guess who??
She is a new singer which has been gaining quite lots of fans….in friendster.
Who who who??Have a look here...

Recognise her?? She is Karen. The one who just published a Malay Album entitled “Mulakan”. Do you ever hear her “Cinta Hello Kitty”?

Two guys beside her are our Emcees. There had been a short talk about the album, and everything about her.

One thing may have interest you.
Guess what…The moment she arrived, not to mention that she actually came with a Perodua Kelisa, I was like: “Haha…to disguise herself??”
I never imagine she and the Kelisa. Not forgetting, all the tt staffs were ordered to line up to protect her or whatsoever by the moment she arrived. In the end, the “protection” was not the main purpose of us lining up there. In fact, it was more like a welcome gesture.
A few photos were taken while she was performing her latest songs in her “Mulakan” album.

She presented to us “Aku tak terdaya” and another song.(sorry here, I don’t know the name, and not trying to guess, just afraid that I would be beaten in the end..wakaka!!)
Video Clips

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