Jun 29, 2007

Pictures of the Week…

The most gorgeous eye that I have seen…I want to have it too…can I?
Must we adjourn? Perhaps we have to, at least once in a life time: that would be our death.

Fascinating by the first look I fell on this picture. Don’t you feel kind of funny huh, with all the spiky, messy hair??

First time I ever spotted such phenomenon that I would not notice on normal days.
After I drove my car into the house, don’t-know-why I just cocked my head and caught this sight. What I did? Just captured it without haste!

This is the book cover of the book entitled “Samurai Girl”. This is the latest book I had read. Attracted by its cover the moment I caught a glimpse of it at the library.

A familiar figure is here. Do you still remember what character is it? Haha…in case you can’t recall, it is baby zack(not sure though) in the movie, “Incredible”. It is the special edition from McDonald. I owned that long time ago but didn’t use it. Now, the battery has been used out.

I saw this artistic artwork the moment I flipped through my English text book, Market Leader, especially the bluish background of the picture.

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