Jun 20, 2007

My Grandio…

Today is 20th of June…it has been a week since my previous Diploma test.

I am just too busy to write any post lately. Too many things have to do. Tutorials, TT stuffs, assignments…

It was held in Sheraton Subang Jaya, at 2.20pm. If I were to excuse myself from attending to college, it would definitely be today, 13th of June. It is just hard to get an ‘excuse me’. What’s even better is I finally got the approved leave!!

The moment of waiting….at Terengganu Room. Haha…why they name it like that??
Well..my performance, not to say very good, because it was just badly done as never.
Shit….I just let myself did so many mistakes in one of the pieces…it shouldn’t be. That’s my first piece, and I have started to dwell on it years ago??

I wonder why they decorate their landscape, which is outside the hotel room(to be specific, it is the Terengganu Room) and along the corridor of 4th floor. You may see, you may not walk on it, what’s the point??

After the terrible Grandio, which was performed by me, I went home. NO school what…’Ponteng’

On the way back, we past by the old Pasar Borong in Selayang. My mommy said want to buy some bananas. In the end, we had mangoes, and bananas. Shopping pulak!!while I am waiting in the car, I did these.

See the van?? It says Ikan Talapia Laut…( bla bla…forgot!!)
there was a man doing fishy stuffs…chop chop…with the knife…
aiya…I also don’t know how to explain in words.
Suddenly a motorcycle appeared out-of-nowhere. Then, incidentally became part of the picture…
The End~~~

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