Jun 9, 2007

Gathering Part I

Sorry for delaying the publishing of this post...

26th of May was our gathering for ex-st marians of year 2005

Here are some pictures for the day…
(hehe…guessing what??)

(she’s one of the St Marian o!! silly face huh?? For your information, she’s always so nerdy!)

our group photos…wah!!so many people…I don’t realize that until we were asked to take this pic..
(from the left: HitoMi, LuLU, and Yi Ying)( front row from left: Sher Ryn, HitoMi, Yi Ying…back row from left: pretty Lois, sea Win, Wei Chee, Chee Yeen, Mei Woon, LuLu)
Erm…anybody notice that someone wasn’t paying attention?

(from right: Yi Ying, HitoMi, Sher Ryn…at last she’s looking at the camera!!)

The same day after a trip to Gasoline…I fetched one of my friends home…and coincidentally, I passed by my very ex primary school that honestly I have not been visiting ever since I was Form 1. The old unfurnished look again…

I remembered when I was Standard One, I cried because I was being dumped to a bad class with those students whom were so unfamiliar and in the end, my mind somehow evoked that my mom came and pacified me. Some mischief was done when I was Standard One…like running around the corridor playing hide-and-Seek, skidding down the small slope outside my classroom, skipping with those self-made rubber band ropes, which were very popular during those times…

As I grew up, I found that the memories worth reminiscent of are getting lesser and lesser…how come this will happen to me??

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