Jun 10, 2007

Break Time!!

Monday: 9.30-11.30 MIS tutorial
1.00-3.00 FA lecture
3.00-5.00 English

Whatever reason do it takes, FA lecture is cancelled and being carried forward to last Friday…and so, on the 4th of June 2007…I had break from 11.30 to 3.00. what should I do??

Well…my friend came out with a brilliant idea: how about having our lunch at Oldtown?
Just because she wanted so much, and the time permitted us to do so, we hit for the plan.On the other hand, she wanted so much to save her pocket money, because her daddy had constricted her finance. Albeit conflict occurred, still she went for it.

I drove there. Found a table in Oldtown, and be seated. Then, placed our orders.
That’s the emblem of Oldtown Kopitiam…in Chinese: Jiu4 Jie1 Chang3

My order: one cup of Ipoh White Coffee
one of Nasi Lemak Special…

Wondering how special is it?? Have a look…This is the nicest coffee I have ever drank…Nice aroma, taste bitter with tinge of sweetness…

It comes with fried crispy chicken, and other stuffs that Nasi Lemak usually has…

Appetizing lunch huh?? Eh…it comes with the nice price as usual…guess how much I have spent on it?? 10bucks..like that gone liao…

After lunching and chatting for two or more hours, we went around and shopped while two of my friends went to Public Bank and settle their student bill for the semester.

We went in this shop… Furnished with pink…and looks sweet…and it sells lots of girl stuffs, again, as usual…

>>>>soft toys:whoever found a pig in SQUARE??

Nice lamp…if only I have my own room, maybe I will go ahead for this!

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