Jun 24, 2007

Being Involved in TT

I am glad I am actually being dumped by my friends and ended up went to be a helper for TT, alone. For fear that I would have threw my chance of being on TT night itself and also missed getting to know more and more friends.

I enjoyed the whole thingy. I am so dedicated, I think. It is just because I like mixing around with new friends around.

Friend 1#: Vivian ( She’s like so fond of me, God-knows-why; another leng lui!!)

Friend 2#: John a.k.a Nasri ( He’s Malaysian, but with blood trait of Japanese, and Spanish?I forgot*errr*- He is PR student)

Friend 3#: Shawn& Shawn (yup!Both are Shawn, and Shawny too. So like to play-act)

Friend 4#: Gaston & 2 Shawns (Gaston- I don’t know much of him. We don’t even have two lines. The only line is: what’s your name? He answered: Gaston. That’s the end.TuT)

Friend 5#: John& Shawn and John&John (I am wondering should I mention him? I knew him last year. He is our course representative. I Consider old friend.)

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