May 10, 2007

Story on loitering

Today I went to One Utama with 3 ex-classmates, whom are ex-st marians.

My main idea is to have my grand piano practice there whilst we can meet up for we have been not seeing each others for almost a year or more.

Well…we spent most of the time “exploring” One Utama with “Bus 11”(besides Bus 11, what else transportation do we have? Perhaps we do, if we are small enough to be seated into baby cradle or some sort of small car for kids?)

Besides having lunch at one of the restaurant, and having a practice as what I have been planning on, I would consider today was so called ‘loiter day’.

So lame…

We did non of these: movie-ing, karaoke-ing, bowling, etc.

What else we do?
Window Shopping!!!(Sarcastically, I dislike this idea very, very, very much!)
Helpless…what can I do??
I implored my friends like a small kid…However, after several attempts, I failed. I surrender!!

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