May 7, 2007

story Of mine-07/05/2007

I woke up around 1000this morning.
My alarm has been churning since 0900, forcing me to awake from my dream (About what I dreamt, I don’t think I can search for any tiny scrape in my brain now, 1030)
I shut if off and casually, I went off to my bed and started my ‘snoring’ adventure!! (Hehe!! Honestly I don’t think I snore in sleeps)
My mobile has been turned on because I don’t want myself to ‘pig’ too late. (One hour more will be ample, I think)
As what I have expected, my message tone rang. ( It’s the Princess Hour’s soundtrack, I like it so much!) Bleakly, and without my specs, I read it.

Here it goes,
Coz I’m not sure her mum got use that hp as well or not…Hmm…So how?
Received time: 11.42pm 6 May 2007
(I’ve slept around 11pm last night with my mobile off, so it will definitely the next morning I will receive it.)
I hit the reply button and type:
If she still no reply…then most prob not going
And sent it.
(Sometimes I hated so much, whatsoever plans that I have drafted, surely it will be come a fiasco, perhaps not as bad as fiasco, just borne fruitless!!)
Anyway, without thinking too much, I fell asleep again.

Arghh!!! Not another message!!
My message tone rang again…Who the heck is this this time??
Irritately, it was the voice call message.
I don’t have the habit of retrieving my voice call message, just because wastes my money and most of the time, people won’t have left any message at all.

Here it goes:
You have 2missed call(s) 06 May
23.54hr 03325008**(2)
Form Digi

I don’t even have a tiniest idea whose house phone is this!!
So, I decided to ignore it and continue my dreamland journey.

After an hour, reluctantly, I woke up after realizing it was 1000. I still have loads of things to be done…
Lazy bum…(haha!! that’s me…) yesterday night, I told myself I must have a short exercise at 0900 but see what’s the time now??
Well.. I drank 3cups of water simultaneously and washed myself and have a bath too. By the time I am done, the clock stroke 1030

‘I ought to take blogging more seriously starting from today…’ I told myself that during my bath…and so, I started to write after my bath…for fear that I would not be able to squeeze out what I have in my mind now.

My Trinity Diploma ATCL Recital exam is 38days ahead…it is not going to be long and I have to start preparing myself, physically and mentally for that.
It is no joke anyway, for it costs me RM979.00 just for an hour exam!!! Damn expensive!!
What to do? I have come such a long way to get to Diploma. After I get the Diploma certificate, I will not have to suffer anymore!! (err…perhaps I do, if I decided to take the LTCL-degree certificate, I think)

For this exam, I would have a ‘Grand’ experience. For I will have to perform with Grand Piano…the one they use in concerts and orchestras…Poor me, I would not have the financial ability to own one, for it costs 1xxxx even for a second hand Grand. I have an upright though. Like this….
It is not famous brand like KAWAI, YAMAHA, etc. it is just ROSEN. ( I have no idea is ROSEN a person’s name or what…)
It has been accompanying me since I was standard three…

My teacher suggested that I should book a Grand for my practice. Such service is rendered by a music center at One Utama. It bears the name RC Piano Sdn Bhd and it would costs RM25 per practice. I am not sure how long the practice session will be but I would called up later to Jess (as what written in the slip) and enquire about it…

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