May 20, 2007

Looming of Examination

See the date?
How many days left for preparation??
Hmm…let’s see! 21,22,23,24,etc.
In total…24days…
Hoho…bravo!! It won’t be any longer anyhow…

If I said I am not nervous, that’s a lie!!
If anyone says they are not nervous in such circumstances, THAT’A LIE TOO!!

EVEN the influential politicians will have their slight nervousness before they are requested to give their speeches!!

My examiner will be Mr. Emyr Evans. I don’t come across his name, not to mention in person; if I do, you believe?? will be realistic on 13th of June.

Facing this unfamiliar examiner and the lovely Kawai Grand Piano, hope I would be able to do my performance well…physically and mentally…

Although this is Yamaha, this is not the exact one to be used in exam.

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