May 10, 2007

I forgot one more...

i missed one stuff...

today, coincidentally, we managed to meet Superstar...two of them
one is wee
another one is kido

however, we didn't ask for photos cause they were walking damn fast...
then just disappear nowhere...


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    who said cant post comment here??
    wan me beng is it?

  2. UltiMa10:49 PM

    Yes! Internet is the world filled with fantasy and dreams! A lot of business is going online now, you can even find sexual trades online! They really accept online order of prostitution! (according to my friend, well, I am certainly not included, Hahaha)

    I am so surprised to see a girl with such english level! You're very good indeed in English, keep up the good work, you might one day be a very successful marketing executive!

    You have a bright future, and I really appreciate to have a friend like you. Best Regards, YC Tan

  3. UltiMa1:57 AM

    Great! I am the first to leave comments! Hahahaha, well, I wonder if I can leave Chinese characters.




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