May 22, 2007

Helper=Help er??

Haha…today 22/5/2007 is the very first day of my ‘helper’ job.
No why. Just because today is the very first day of the Orientation Week of the very May intake freshies..of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak.

Yesterday, 21/5/2007, I went for a briefing on the ‘helper’ thingy. Supposed to be started at 10 but after being late and reached at 10something, we waited about half an hour then only it starts. What a waste of time!!

After the briefing, we were required to help out the P&P…
Honestly I don’t even know what the heck is it…if PR stands for Public Relation, P&P stands for??
Do what?? Haha…do some decorations for the booth wor!!
The booth is allocated at the Canteen 2 foyer.
What I did was doing ribbon wor!!
Whatever it is, definitely it does not really look nice and tidy….trust me!!
Whatsoever it is, it should be at the booth, but today I saw not even a tiny ribbon..oh ya!!the ribbon is paper-made…bear that..

One word for today: ‘Splendid’
What a splendid idea to be helper!! It is awful, not an easy job at all…
What’s more when the weather also played a fool on us?
It was raining cats and dogs. Ewww….pity my ‘adidas’ Sport Shoe…oh man!!it is leather-made. Please la…
Besides giving out leaflets, we are required to do some oral work…
Talk, persuade, intimidate..anything else??

The worst part is, notably, we were forced to take a big ‘expedition’ of walking from the Canteen 2 to the College Hall and the weather is so ‘well’ not forgetting!!
By the end we reached our destination, the rain receded…

Oh!!Bravo!!What a brilliant idea!!
Waste my time and energy to walk…
How many kms I had walked?? Candidly, I have no idea…
Now my legs are damn sour…too much acid perhaps…after anaerobic respiration!!

I wanna rest, I wanna stay on the spot, not feeling much of walking around…

However, the best part of being a helper is that we can meet lots of freshies this year…if only you have any other ways to do so other than orientation…
But the conclusion is, not many leng zai leng lui around…what a disappointment!!
It is a momentous job though, so I really proud of being a helper…as you may learn from experience, right?

So…when people ask you whether you wanna be helper, you may respond with help er??

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