May 27, 2007

Gathering Part III

Ehem…the moment I was seated, I looked at the menu...(it is pitch black…haha!!)
I ordered PINK GUAVA JELLO DRINK…( I am not sure whether it is named so..?)Here is it…
taste: normal like lychee water plus jelly.
MY friend, Wei Chee ordered Longan Drink...
See>>>>Wah!!Scary Man…so damn big mug!!We were so flabbergasted and what we did were….(have a look)

my Pink Jello VS Longan>>>Mou tak Ding!
The price was expectable…mine is 4.50 and hers 6.50.
Dai Lou..Worth it meh??Better go Supermarket buy la~!

The Best part of being at Gasoline: they do have PR!!
Well…since all of my ex classmates are females…so they served us a male one…

His look: ah boy boy look la…not man yet~~!
His age: U guess??
His skill: eating French fries and posing in front of cameras!!wakaka…
His speaking talent: somehow unidentified. Why?? Cause he never speak…even if he speaks, we vaguely guess what is HE talking about…
His Title: Boss’s Son…(We guess la!! Just because he has the privilege to walk around the shop!!)
Wei CHee POsing with HIM!!

See how YONG SUI is HE!?just kidding!!

>>>>>>>>>>eating French fries..i think he just came for the French fries, can it be?? Too addicted!!

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  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    so little boy


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