May 27, 2007

Gathering Part II

Just because I haven’t managed to get the photos from my ex classmates…so the part I I will leave it later…

After the gathering, some of us decided to go to Gasoline…at First, I was so perplexed…what to do with the oil?? Do you get what I mean??

Anon, we reached the shop…now I understand…it is a restaurant. In one-way or another, it doesn’t really look like one.We lead up to the first floor…

Forest>>>Painted in Hand…the passageway looks creepy and dangerous…it is meant to be this way)

Here, you will not feel anyway it is grand… perhaps just wondering how do they get the idea of decorating their interior like this???

Highway design-does it somehow linked to the name GASOLINE??

Traffic light and Highway!!!( BUT no CARS!!)

It is more like a place for chatting, sleeping, surfing, smoking, gambling…bla bla bla… Cause they provide wiFi service.

Haha…how good if you can drink, chat and surf at the same time??

See how they decorate their tables??Comical!!read it when you are bored!!

NO chairs are provided. You just sit on the floor with the stumpy tables…

NO rooms…because the only thing that really separate a room with another is draperies!!

NO sun…haha…because only black ceiling with lights.But GOT cloud…I wonder why??

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