May 9, 2007

Continuation of Inspiration I

Yesterday, as what I have done since Sunday, I have been checking his blog and so I discovered something that he put in the short talk.

Here is a bit of his short talk:

Is it just me or does there suddenly seem to be a LOT of female bloggers out there selling girly stuff on their blogs?
Cheesie's Wardrobe has been very popular.
But check out also Simmy Tan
And from Singapore Mistress of Glam (support my sponsor!), Angelicious Creations and thy-dowager
So many big shopping centers in KL and Singapore already still not enough for you girls to shop ah?

Haha…a nice trick too. I wonder how to do so.. I wanted to ask him too…but then I felt that perhaps he is so busy he won’t even have the time to teach me, right??

Continue with the Short talk…

And so, I clicked on the Cheesie’s Wardrobe and discovered that many stuffs are available to be auctioned by the cheesers-that’s what the members are called.

Another inspiration again…

This is the very first time I am exposed to the online shopping (unintended). Auctions online is not a bad idea after all.. Sometimes you may buy something with prices lower than the present is a great bargain!! Perhaps you may shop for something that is not available in the market too… for example, the Lolita fashion.

To be frank, this is the very first time I exposed to Lolita fashion. You can say I am lack of fashion sense, but think, who will ever wear like Lolita and walk on the streets?? You gotta be kidding right?? Those costumes will only suit for special occasions, like fashion shows, or maybe for promotions or advertisements.

Hey hey…back to the point, talking about inspiration, trading in such way is fresh too, (to me, yes. To you, maybe it is not; or I shall say such things is not that popular in Malaysia yet, that’s my own opinion though) and it may be a brilliant way to earn some pocket money. There are moments before I slept that I started to think what things do I have to sell?? I found non…haiz!! Apart of the disappointment, I found that being online is kind of fun too…we may explore something we may not have knew in the outside world…

The moral of the stories: Online is fun!! You can blog, you can sell, you can chat, you can make friends, you can bla bla bla…

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