May 31, 2007

Chocolate Maniac!!

HitoMi: MUMMY…I want Chocolate!!I want Ice Cream!!!

MumMy: oh Dear!!it is fattening…don’t you say you want to diet??

HitoMi: MumMy!!! I will diet later la…

Haha..that’s me!! Always like chocolate and ice cream!!just so irresistable~!

talking about chocolate!!
Personally I like TOBLERONE!!!the most!!and it is mostly can be found in supermarket!!! Cadbury??not nice la….just chocolate plus milk….but TOBLERONE have nougat crisps in it!! Really tantalizing!!

I just bought one from last shopping…it is not opened yet!!
I want to keep it until my birthday!!
Sayang la..if I finished so fast!!
Hehe…I hope this birthday got people give me many many toblerones!!!

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