May 13, 2007

Updated-Best Korean MOvie Ever!!

Ever since Korean movies and dramas enter the market of Malaysia. It has becomes a hit.
Well…among those dramas and movies, which one do you think is the best??

Personally, I think that most of the Korean movies are the same in plot. A loves B but A and B can’t be together, and at the meantime, C loves A and D loves B and C and D try their utmost best to prevent A and B from getting together…why is it need to be so complicated?? How tormenting and anguishing that love can be?

Just can’t help to say: how worst…where are the other ideas?? All only love between couples, even if you are not bored, I am!!

However, amongst the orthodox storyline of Korean’s, I found one is worthwhile watching.
It bears the name: 爱。回家 or the way home

The story is depicting a little town boy who has to stay with his grandma for a period at the small, remote house at the hill.

The little boy is very picky, mischievous, and badly behaving. How would you imagine if you are living in a remote area only with your grandma with no entertainment like television and don’t you ever think you will have electricity and water?? It’s not easy. No tasty fast food, no comfortable room…

His grandma unable to speak and she is very very poor. She needs to sell her own vegetables and herbs to earn money for the mean of living. While he still ask his granma to buy him battery so that he can play his gameboy, and buy him Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And so, his grandma off to sell her stuffs at the market again…and buy him a chicken, alive…back home soaked with rain…

Haha..want to cook him a feast of chicken. But he is not appreciating it and still ignores to eat. In the end, his grandma is sick. Slowly he started to treat his grandma better.

Few days or weeks later, his mommy comes and brings him home.
However he leaves unwillingly..and the night before he departs, he tries to teach his grandma to write to him…like I am sick or I miss you… but in the end, he gives up because his grandma can’t write..hehe…and he also helps his grandma to put the thread into the needle holes because he knows his grandma can’t see for she is so old…
Don’t you think he is really good boy in the end??

It is a good story…that worth watching..hereby I emphasize it!!haha…
I bet you will cry…nevertheless…if you are not cold blooded..

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