May 14, 2007

Another Good Movie

Hereby I would like to introduce another worth watching Korean movie.
This one is named Little Brother or 哥哥。我爱你

The story illustrates a real story about a pair of brothers. The elder brother has diagnosed to have brain tumor, unluckily, and he has to gone through surgery to get rid of the tumor in case it turns out to be a bad one. Surely that his parents will pay more attention to his elder brother and so the little brother, being the naughty, mischievous one, always wanted to get his parents attention too.

In the hospital, many of the children too are suffering from brain diseases. One of the patient there is Xu, 旭. He is having the final stage of brain tumor and therefore will be leaving the world soon. However, after 3years of battling with fate, he still alive because he is so optimistic and jovial. His little brother dislikes Xu at first because Xu is a village boy. Sooner or later, he started to play with him and one day while they are going up the hill, Xu suddenly fainted. He is damn desperate and sad because he thinks that Xu is dying. However, he is not, perhaps he is just fainted.

After first operation on his elder brother, the tumor starts to regrow and this time his parents would have to decide on second operation but the outcome will be the elder brother will lost his vision forever. Conflict strikes in. However, the operation is proved to be a success one. At the meantime everybody is happy about it, Xu suddenly says bye bye to them. He left.

It is a tragedy that always happens in the world. How real the devastating state will be! Horror struck and desperation felt. What if it happens on you??

The moral of the story: appreciate your life more and live it up!! Life is short.

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