May 31, 2007

Chocolate Maniac!!

HitoMi: MUMMY…I want Chocolate!!I want Ice Cream!!!

MumMy: oh Dear!!it is fattening…don’t you say you want to diet??

HitoMi: MumMy!!! I will diet later la…

Haha..that’s me!! Always like chocolate and ice cream!!just so irresistable~!

talking about chocolate!!
Personally I like TOBLERONE!!!the most!!and it is mostly can be found in supermarket!!! Cadbury??not nice la….just chocolate plus milk….but TOBLERONE have nougat crisps in it!! Really tantalizing!!

I just bought one from last shopping…it is not opened yet!!
I want to keep it until my birthday!!
Sayang la..if I finished so fast!!
Hehe…I hope this birthday got people give me many many toblerones!!!

May 28, 2007


what is it going on??everybody?? how can this cruelty will be able to escape from being accused for any crimes?? are the people going insane?? it is totally inhuman...damn them... they think they are brave?? IT IS SUCKS!!!!

May 27, 2007

Biggest Fresh Strawberries!!!(I've eVer Seen)

Few days ago, my mum bought a box of Strawberries!!

The Brand: Driscoll’s

The Country: USA…
(undeniably better than Egyptian Strawberries we had ever seen…the special part of Egyptian Strawberry: it is not tasty and it is not nice looking..not forgetting:
It is MOULDED!!!)

The Prize: Staff Prize: 7.60

The Size: Varies

The Strawberries Counted: Varies(Mine comes with 9 average one!!Some comes in fewer but BIG…)

The taste: Sour and Sweet.


Gathering Part III

Ehem…the moment I was seated, I looked at the menu...(it is pitch black…haha!!)
I ordered PINK GUAVA JELLO DRINK…( I am not sure whether it is named so..?)Here is it…
taste: normal like lychee water plus jelly.
MY friend, Wei Chee ordered Longan Drink...
See>>>>Wah!!Scary Man…so damn big mug!!We were so flabbergasted and what we did were….(have a look)

my Pink Jello VS Longan>>>Mou tak Ding!
The price was expectable…mine is 4.50 and hers 6.50.
Dai Lou..Worth it meh??Better go Supermarket buy la~!

The Best part of being at Gasoline: they do have PR!!
Well…since all of my ex classmates are females…so they served us a male one…

His look: ah boy boy look la…not man yet~~!
His age: U guess??
His skill: eating French fries and posing in front of cameras!!wakaka…
His speaking talent: somehow unidentified. Why?? Cause he never speak…even if he speaks, we vaguely guess what is HE talking about…
His Title: Boss’s Son…(We guess la!! Just because he has the privilege to walk around the shop!!)
Wei CHee POsing with HIM!!

See how YONG SUI is HE!?just kidding!!

>>>>>>>>>>eating French fries..i think he just came for the French fries, can it be?? Too addicted!!

Gathering Part II

Just because I haven’t managed to get the photos from my ex classmates…so the part I I will leave it later…

After the gathering, some of us decided to go to Gasoline…at First, I was so perplexed…what to do with the oil?? Do you get what I mean??

Anon, we reached the shop…now I understand…it is a restaurant. In one-way or another, it doesn’t really look like one.We lead up to the first floor…

Forest>>>Painted in Hand…the passageway looks creepy and dangerous…it is meant to be this way)

Here, you will not feel anyway it is grand… perhaps just wondering how do they get the idea of decorating their interior like this???

Highway design-does it somehow linked to the name GASOLINE??

Traffic light and Highway!!!( BUT no CARS!!)

It is more like a place for chatting, sleeping, surfing, smoking, gambling…bla bla bla… Cause they provide wiFi service.

Haha…how good if you can drink, chat and surf at the same time??

See how they decorate their tables??Comical!!read it when you are bored!!

NO chairs are provided. You just sit on the floor with the stumpy tables…

NO rooms…because the only thing that really separate a room with another is draperies!!

NO sun…haha…because only black ceiling with lights.But GOT cloud…I wonder why??

May 25, 2007

TIny Pieces of Mine II

Compare to professionals, for sure I am not as Pro as them...

This one is shot by me, Hitomi...

She's my cousin's daughter...

She's Sasha...but After watching The Chronicles of Narnia...

i Gave her a new name, Lucy...

There are similarities in Lucy and Sasha...

BUt i would not list it...haha...for the mere is P&C...hehe...hitomi^^

Tiny Pieces of Mine...

Personally I like this picture very much...
This Girlie is cute...(esp her hair, and the emotion on her tiny apple facey)
Thanks to the Professional Photographer who so kind enough sharing this piece with me...
he works with

not only this...there is much more...

here you go...

another more feminine... plus cute...

both the pictures were captured by him during wedding shottings...

Sometimes it is hard to capture human emotions, esp without being purposely pose it out.

Sometimes I do think I would have chose to be a photographer instead.

Shotting moments that are precious enough to anyone...would mean lot more to them...and me too...

May 22, 2007

Helper=Help er??

Haha…today 22/5/2007 is the very first day of my ‘helper’ job.
No why. Just because today is the very first day of the Orientation Week of the very May intake freshies..of Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak.

Yesterday, 21/5/2007, I went for a briefing on the ‘helper’ thingy. Supposed to be started at 10 but after being late and reached at 10something, we waited about half an hour then only it starts. What a waste of time!!

After the briefing, we were required to help out the P&P…
Honestly I don’t even know what the heck is it…if PR stands for Public Relation, P&P stands for??
Do what?? Haha…do some decorations for the booth wor!!
The booth is allocated at the Canteen 2 foyer.
What I did was doing ribbon wor!!
Whatever it is, definitely it does not really look nice and tidy….trust me!!
Whatsoever it is, it should be at the booth, but today I saw not even a tiny ribbon..oh ya!!the ribbon is paper-made…bear that..

One word for today: ‘Splendid’
What a splendid idea to be helper!! It is awful, not an easy job at all…
What’s more when the weather also played a fool on us?
It was raining cats and dogs. Ewww….pity my ‘adidas’ Sport Shoe…oh man!!it is leather-made. Please la…
Besides giving out leaflets, we are required to do some oral work…
Talk, persuade, intimidate..anything else??

The worst part is, notably, we were forced to take a big ‘expedition’ of walking from the Canteen 2 to the College Hall and the weather is so ‘well’ not forgetting!!
By the end we reached our destination, the rain receded…

Oh!!Bravo!!What a brilliant idea!!
Waste my time and energy to walk…
How many kms I had walked?? Candidly, I have no idea…
Now my legs are damn sour…too much acid perhaps…after anaerobic respiration!!

I wanna rest, I wanna stay on the spot, not feeling much of walking around…

However, the best part of being a helper is that we can meet lots of freshies this year…if only you have any other ways to do so other than orientation…
But the conclusion is, not many leng zai leng lui around…what a disappointment!!
It is a momentous job though, so I really proud of being a helper…as you may learn from experience, right?

So…when people ask you whether you wanna be helper, you may respond with help er??

May 21, 2007


See?? That’s one of the movie that seems alluring to me…
Although it is an old movie of year 200X…(personally I am not sure what year it is produced ^^)
Nonetheless, my brother managed to borrow it from his friend…haha!!but until now, I don’t even watch it…blame my brother la…he said he will watch after his exam, so I have to wait for him lo…

Oh…Leonardo Da Vinci…wait for me!!

Stop talking about the past, now…
Let’s talk about the movie of which will be shown on 24th May…
You know which one??
No matter you know it or not, I will still tell you…
Proudly present~~~~Pirates of Caribbean 3: at world’s end~~~
Captain Jack Sparrow, how lovely he is…yep!!he is lovely…

The sexiest man I have ever seen in movie…
Even Justin Timberlake also cannot put side by side.

Johnny Depp…good actor…as I would say…
Who else can be a more charming pirate??

May 20, 2007

Reminiscence of Old MOvies

Movies of 2005

Do anybody recall of any??
Well…during this holiday, I did watch a few. Like this one,

Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Here is the synopsis, if anyone need one…

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are departed from London to the house of an eccentric professor during the World War II. They find life in the house extremely monotonous, until Lucy discovers a wardrobe that leads to a magical world called Narnia, where animals cab talk and all are ruled over by the wise and benevolent lion Aslan.

Worth watching. Watch it if you have not.

Besides reflecting the devastating state of being in a war, it is enthralling to unravel the mysteries that may have underlied in the huge house that the professor owns. From a rebellious and insubordinating Edmund, he learns to be more obedient and more responsible.

While the second one is

The Myth 神话
Starring by Kim Hee-Seon 金喜善 Tony Leung Ka-Fai 梁家辉 Mallika Sherawat Jackie Chan 成龙

Here it goes the synopsis…

The year was BC221 when Qin Shi Huang – the first emperor of China started to build a royal tomb for himself despite his infatuation with immortality. Through the prodigious endeavours of more than 700,000 forced labourers, the mausoleum was completed 37years later. Legend has it that, to ensure utmost secrecy, all those who worked on the project were buried alive with the death emperor. There were no survivors.
Over the next two thousand years, historians, the tomb-raiders, and happy-go-lucky adventurers like have been homing on the royal treasure that buried within. However, no one has ever succeeded in locating the entrance to the mausoleum. Thus, the bulk of the First Emperor’s treasure, including his much-fabled elixir of youth, remained intact….

Besides the thrilling journeys of how Jackie Chan managed to get through with, you will discover the Beauty of India, Mallika Sherawat. Her outlook is nearly impeccable: admiring body shape, pretty face, and good in fighting too…overall, she’s a good package!!
Haha…. Not to forget that the scientific facts that are soon being sort out. How amazing that even the people before century may have been so witty..A thumb up for them!! Not to mention that it has been mysteries that how they may have learned all these…who taught them??Alien??perhaps…

Looming of Examination

See the date?
How many days left for preparation??
Hmm…let’s see! 21,22,23,24,etc.
In total…24days…
Hoho…bravo!! It won’t be any longer anyhow…

If I said I am not nervous, that’s a lie!!
If anyone says they are not nervous in such circumstances, THAT’A LIE TOO!!

EVEN the influential politicians will have their slight nervousness before they are requested to give their speeches!!

My examiner will be Mr. Emyr Evans. I don’t come across his name, not to mention in person; if I do, you believe?? will be realistic on 13th of June.

Facing this unfamiliar examiner and the lovely Kawai Grand Piano, hope I would be able to do my performance well…physically and mentally…

Although this is Yamaha, this is not the exact one to be used in exam.

May 17, 2007

Self-Sung...My Fav Song!!

It is a Chinese Song...Sang by Gong Shi Jia, entitled Zai Yi Yong You...
Listen to Original Version
Lyric: Click Here

May 16, 2007

Magic? Think Again

haha...Cool!!although i am a science student, but i never play with such tricks before!!one word :marvellous:

May 15, 2007

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

i just like it!!!haha~~

lyric is here...

May 14, 2007

Another Good Movie

Hereby I would like to introduce another worth watching Korean movie.
This one is named Little Brother or 哥哥。我爱你

The story illustrates a real story about a pair of brothers. The elder brother has diagnosed to have brain tumor, unluckily, and he has to gone through surgery to get rid of the tumor in case it turns out to be a bad one. Surely that his parents will pay more attention to his elder brother and so the little brother, being the naughty, mischievous one, always wanted to get his parents attention too.

In the hospital, many of the children too are suffering from brain diseases. One of the patient there is Xu, 旭. He is having the final stage of brain tumor and therefore will be leaving the world soon. However, after 3years of battling with fate, he still alive because he is so optimistic and jovial. His little brother dislikes Xu at first because Xu is a village boy. Sooner or later, he started to play with him and one day while they are going up the hill, Xu suddenly fainted. He is damn desperate and sad because he thinks that Xu is dying. However, he is not, perhaps he is just fainted.

After first operation on his elder brother, the tumor starts to regrow and this time his parents would have to decide on second operation but the outcome will be the elder brother will lost his vision forever. Conflict strikes in. However, the operation is proved to be a success one. At the meantime everybody is happy about it, Xu suddenly says bye bye to them. He left.

It is a tragedy that always happens in the world. How real the devastating state will be! Horror struck and desperation felt. What if it happens on you??

The moral of the story: appreciate your life more and live it up!! Life is short.

May 13, 2007

Funny Expression!

If you have seen the Blades of Glory poster, surely you will discover this…

Funny huh?? Girly isn't it?

What’s more funny is the posture of the both skaters…. Have a look! both are guys....haha...Shouting Oow!!

Updated-Best Korean MOvie Ever!!

Ever since Korean movies and dramas enter the market of Malaysia. It has becomes a hit.
Well…among those dramas and movies, which one do you think is the best??

Personally, I think that most of the Korean movies are the same in plot. A loves B but A and B can’t be together, and at the meantime, C loves A and D loves B and C and D try their utmost best to prevent A and B from getting together…why is it need to be so complicated?? How tormenting and anguishing that love can be?

Just can’t help to say: how worst…where are the other ideas?? All only love between couples, even if you are not bored, I am!!

However, amongst the orthodox storyline of Korean’s, I found one is worthwhile watching.
It bears the name: 爱。回家 or the way home

The story is depicting a little town boy who has to stay with his grandma for a period at the small, remote house at the hill.

The little boy is very picky, mischievous, and badly behaving. How would you imagine if you are living in a remote area only with your grandma with no entertainment like television and don’t you ever think you will have electricity and water?? It’s not easy. No tasty fast food, no comfortable room…

His grandma unable to speak and she is very very poor. She needs to sell her own vegetables and herbs to earn money for the mean of living. While he still ask his granma to buy him battery so that he can play his gameboy, and buy him Kentucky Fried Chicken.

And so, his grandma off to sell her stuffs at the market again…and buy him a chicken, alive…back home soaked with rain…

Haha..want to cook him a feast of chicken. But he is not appreciating it and still ignores to eat. In the end, his grandma is sick. Slowly he started to treat his grandma better.

Few days or weeks later, his mommy comes and brings him home.
However he leaves unwillingly..and the night before he departs, he tries to teach his grandma to write to him…like I am sick or I miss you… but in the end, he gives up because his grandma can’t write..hehe…and he also helps his grandma to put the thread into the needle holes because he knows his grandma can’t see for she is so old…
Don’t you think he is really good boy in the end??

It is a good story…that worth watching..hereby I emphasize it!!haha…
I bet you will cry…nevertheless…if you are not cold blooded..

Happy Mother's Day

Hello, everybody!!
happy mother's day to all of the mothers in the world...
how are you going to celebrate this with your mommy??
i think we wil go for a dinner (that's all la...paiseh la)
haha...actually if you really want your mommy to be happy
not only you must celebrate this special event for her
but also listen to her and help as much as you can to reduce her workload...
haha....that's a good son or daughter

May 12, 2007

Good News

ATCL Recital Exam Countdown: 33days
Perhaps you will say: “Elek…still got one month what, so worry for what?”
Hah…you won’t know how little time for the preparation…mentally and physically…

One Good News: My career as a Piano Teacher will start tomorrow thenceforth.
Kind of nervous now..
Wondering what kind of student will it be? Wondering what will it turn out to be?
Wondering how am I managed to teach the students?

Nevertheless, it is my first and foremost lesson. Hope everything will be fine.. Right?

May 10, 2007

I forgot one more...

i missed one stuff...

today, coincidentally, we managed to meet Superstar...two of them
one is wee
another one is kido

however, we didn't ask for photos cause they were walking damn fast...
then just disappear nowhere...

Consolations on Loiter Day

Nevertheless, I found something that somehow consoling myself.

I managed to get a few pictures of us. It is yet another request by me.
(although some are quite funny..haha)

I won’t forget about you all as well…

I have something for you guys too…Guess where I took it from…

Guess 1
Guess 2
Guess 3
Guess 4

I will tell you the answer…but try have a guess.

Story on loitering

Today I went to One Utama with 3 ex-classmates, whom are ex-st marians.

My main idea is to have my grand piano practice there whilst we can meet up for we have been not seeing each others for almost a year or more.

Well…we spent most of the time “exploring” One Utama with “Bus 11”(besides Bus 11, what else transportation do we have? Perhaps we do, if we are small enough to be seated into baby cradle or some sort of small car for kids?)

Besides having lunch at one of the restaurant, and having a practice as what I have been planning on, I would consider today was so called ‘loiter day’.

So lame…

We did non of these: movie-ing, karaoke-ing, bowling, etc.

What else we do?
Window Shopping!!!(Sarcastically, I dislike this idea very, very, very much!)
Helpless…what can I do??
I implored my friends like a small kid…However, after several attempts, I failed. I surrender!!



It means hanging around without purpose, merely squandering the time..
Further definition of loiter refer here.

Have you ever loiter??
Although I have not done so beforehand, but today I did.

The advice is: Don’t loiter…It’s definitely not fun in any way as you may think. Why waste our time whilst we are not having enough time to spare?
Instead, spend time with something meaningful.

May 9, 2007

Continuation of Inspiration I

Yesterday, as what I have done since Sunday, I have been checking his blog and so I discovered something that he put in the short talk.

Here is a bit of his short talk:

Is it just me or does there suddenly seem to be a LOT of female bloggers out there selling girly stuff on their blogs?
Cheesie's Wardrobe has been very popular.
But check out also Simmy Tan
And from Singapore Mistress of Glam (support my sponsor!), Angelicious Creations and thy-dowager
So many big shopping centers in KL and Singapore already still not enough for you girls to shop ah?

Haha…a nice trick too. I wonder how to do so.. I wanted to ask him too…but then I felt that perhaps he is so busy he won’t even have the time to teach me, right??

Continue with the Short talk…

And so, I clicked on the Cheesie’s Wardrobe and discovered that many stuffs are available to be auctioned by the cheesers-that’s what the members are called.

Another inspiration again…

This is the very first time I am exposed to the online shopping (unintended). Auctions online is not a bad idea after all.. Sometimes you may buy something with prices lower than the present is a great bargain!! Perhaps you may shop for something that is not available in the market too… for example, the Lolita fashion.

To be frank, this is the very first time I exposed to Lolita fashion. You can say I am lack of fashion sense, but think, who will ever wear like Lolita and walk on the streets?? You gotta be kidding right?? Those costumes will only suit for special occasions, like fashion shows, or maybe for promotions or advertisements.

Hey hey…back to the point, talking about inspiration, trading in such way is fresh too, (to me, yes. To you, maybe it is not; or I shall say such things is not that popular in Malaysia yet, that’s my own opinion though) and it may be a brilliant way to earn some pocket money. There are moments before I slept that I started to think what things do I have to sell?? I found non…haiz!! Apart of the disappointment, I found that being online is kind of fun too…we may explore something we may not have knew in the outside world…

The moral of the stories: Online is fun!! You can blog, you can sell, you can chat, you can make friends, you can bla bla bla…

May 8, 2007

Here coMes Inspiration!!

Talking about inspiration, I think I have pretty lot lately. (Can two consider as pretty lot?)
Everything starts with my friend, a Hero…

haha…guess you will not know unless you know about him, perhaps from newspaper or stories or some break time chatter with friends.
He, yep, it is he…
He introduced me to a cool website, as he had commented.
The first idea that popped into my mind: could it be some sort of flight companies website??
Well…after I clicked on that, then only I realized it isn’t.

It is a blog written by a guy, which is named Kenny.

The very first post that appeared on the very website is about his daddy…
A wretched story indeed, on how he felt after his dad had left him and his family and remorse that he had…
After I read the whole story, as I scrolled down, what!!! The comments (more than a hundred). Are you kidding me??
Haha…there is no joke man…
This guy have been blogging for 2years…and he is earning quite an awesome income by blogging.

Whoa! This is cool…Imagine if every reader or visitor of this blog clicks on the advertisement buttons, the money he earns in US dollar will be kept multiplying…to certain extent, we can’t really imagine how much he can actually earns from that.

Here comes the inspiration:Work hard in blogging!!
It may lead you to some future unexpectable income.

However, his blog is well designed to such extent that we wont even realized there are advertisements in it. (Unless you are peering into the tiny stuffs that appear to be in the website…) Your whole concentration will be on the stories that he had written itself. Moreover, illustrations and videos are added in to enhance the outlook of the whole blog.
Something that really intriguing me is that how he actually manages to put in some short talks in between the posts. Not only putting in some jokes, and also some comments of his to his friends’ websites. Obliquely, it helps to promote his friends’ website too…

May 7, 2007

story Of mine-07/05/2007

I woke up around 1000this morning.
My alarm has been churning since 0900, forcing me to awake from my dream (About what I dreamt, I don’t think I can search for any tiny scrape in my brain now, 1030)
I shut if off and casually, I went off to my bed and started my ‘snoring’ adventure!! (Hehe!! Honestly I don’t think I snore in sleeps)
My mobile has been turned on because I don’t want myself to ‘pig’ too late. (One hour more will be ample, I think)
As what I have expected, my message tone rang. ( It’s the Princess Hour’s soundtrack, I like it so much!) Bleakly, and without my specs, I read it.

Here it goes,
Coz I’m not sure her mum got use that hp as well or not…Hmm…So how?
Received time: 11.42pm 6 May 2007
(I’ve slept around 11pm last night with my mobile off, so it will definitely the next morning I will receive it.)
I hit the reply button and type:
If she still no reply…then most prob not going
And sent it.
(Sometimes I hated so much, whatsoever plans that I have drafted, surely it will be come a fiasco, perhaps not as bad as fiasco, just borne fruitless!!)
Anyway, without thinking too much, I fell asleep again.

Arghh!!! Not another message!!
My message tone rang again…Who the heck is this this time??
Irritately, it was the voice call message.
I don’t have the habit of retrieving my voice call message, just because wastes my money and most of the time, people won’t have left any message at all.

Here it goes:
You have 2missed call(s) 06 May
23.54hr 03325008**(2)
Form Digi

I don’t even have a tiniest idea whose house phone is this!!
So, I decided to ignore it and continue my dreamland journey.

After an hour, reluctantly, I woke up after realizing it was 1000. I still have loads of things to be done…
Lazy bum…(haha!! that’s me…) yesterday night, I told myself I must have a short exercise at 0900 but see what’s the time now??
Well.. I drank 3cups of water simultaneously and washed myself and have a bath too. By the time I am done, the clock stroke 1030

‘I ought to take blogging more seriously starting from today…’ I told myself that during my bath…and so, I started to write after my bath…for fear that I would not be able to squeeze out what I have in my mind now.

My Trinity Diploma ATCL Recital exam is 38days ahead…it is not going to be long and I have to start preparing myself, physically and mentally for that.
It is no joke anyway, for it costs me RM979.00 just for an hour exam!!! Damn expensive!!
What to do? I have come such a long way to get to Diploma. After I get the Diploma certificate, I will not have to suffer anymore!! (err…perhaps I do, if I decided to take the LTCL-degree certificate, I think)

For this exam, I would have a ‘Grand’ experience. For I will have to perform with Grand Piano…the one they use in concerts and orchestras…Poor me, I would not have the financial ability to own one, for it costs 1xxxx even for a second hand Grand. I have an upright though. Like this….
It is not famous brand like KAWAI, YAMAHA, etc. it is just ROSEN. ( I have no idea is ROSEN a person’s name or what…)
It has been accompanying me since I was standard three…

My teacher suggested that I should book a Grand for my practice. Such service is rendered by a music center at One Utama. It bears the name RC Piano Sdn Bhd and it would costs RM25 per practice. I am not sure how long the practice session will be but I would called up later to Jess (as what written in the slip) and enquire about it…

Shopping Sunday!!

Sundays are family days…
It is known to be family days…
Yesterday, 6th of May 2007
I went to Jusco Metro Prima with my family…

Sundays’ shopping malls usually are packed with peoples..
Because shopping has become the latest life style of metropolitans…

The main purpose of this shopping is to get a pair of shoe for my Aunt, who will be going for vacation with my mom and I in this month or perhaps next month, depends on the situation.

Hush Puppies…no doubt you will know this brand…
We went in this shop and she found herself few pairs of her favourites…both pairs are made of leather…
One is more to green-grayish…another is yellowish mud colour…
So in the end, she bought the one green-grayish as it is more durable compare to another one, because another one will tend to shrink and become spotty if it is soaked with tiny rain drops.

Then, without wasting more time, we went in the Jusco to shop for groceries. There are many promotion stalls along the passages…and we helped ourselves with many kinds of stuffs…
For me, my stomach ended up with Yakult + Vitagen + IQ3 + Nutrigen + some kind of Livita Drinks + some Cereal (if I am not mistaken, it is Nestle Latest Cereal) + some wafers by Oreo + toblerone + cadbury’s + Campbell Chicken Soup + etc…

Luckily, I didn’t end up with stomachache…thank God!!

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