Aug 2, 2006


if you ever come across this song...
here it goes...

when i open my eyes, i try to see but i am blinded by the white light
and i dont know how, and i dont know why
i am lying here tonight
an i cant stand the pain, and i cant make it go away
now i cant stand the pain, no matter i cant erase the things that i have done
no i cant..

how could this happen to me
i have made my mistakes, i got no way to run
life goes on and it is not fading away
i am sick of this life an di just want ot scream
how could this happen to

everybody screaming i try to make it sounds like no one hears me
i am sleeping on the edge
i am dying by this dread
i know this not gonna over again
now i cant try to hold
on to the time when nothing matters and i cant explain


actually this song has its own meaning in it
if you really read is actually about a guy who was involved in an accident and he later found that himself was lying in the hospital

and this guy regret what he had done..maybe he was the one who cause the accident to happen

another message that the producer want to convey is that life is precious...
and to the drivers all ove the countries...
be careful when you are on the road and dont ever did something that endangering your life as well as others


  1. oh, so someone really does read blog..n that's me n u i supposed.
    well it's a good song, i like it as well. mind u, the song's name's ''Untitled'', not entitled.just a minor correction.

  2. you made me feel so shame
    hmm...anyway thanks


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